We offer a number of services with our Cud Crew:

  • Grazing services for overgrown pastures or lawns
  • Weed suppression in pastures, woodlots, trails, and anywhere that grows weeds
  • Invasive weed management, our sheep love privet and kudzu!
  • Lot clearance – did you just inherit a lot and want to clear it? The Cud Crew is ready to do it!
  • Vegetable patch clearing (don’t want to pull as many weeds in your garden or farm after the season? Let the Cud Crew in first – and you’ll have ready-made compost as well!
  • Pastoral scenery – our sheep add a pastoral character to even the most urban setting.

A Note About Costs

Our fees are competitive to the market (and cheaper than Atlanta and Athens). Sheep aren’t cheap, but the offer the benefit of being fun to watch, and environmentally friendly. Unlike the pesticides they often replace, sheep only leave fertilizer behind, not chemicals that can persist on your land for years to come.

Our fees will include transportation (per loaded mile) and a per sheep, per day charge. If you don’t have a secure fence in the area that you need sheep, there will also be a set-up fee for fences (which includes an electric fence and charger). If you need a particular plant protected, we can also create a barrier, which may incur a small fee as well.