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Sheep are one of nature’s great dual threats: they are both a weed eater and a lawn mower. Our sheep provide a great alternative to pesticides for managing over-grown lawns, woodlots, stream banks or lots that need to be reclaimed. Sheep will remove poison ivy, weeds, kudzu and privet, in addition to grasses and legumes.

Many people ask us, “Why sheep, don’t you use goats?” While we have the utmost respect for goats, they are a little harder to handle. We use portable electric fencing to contain our animals, and goats usually have horns, and a penchant for challenging fences, which creates a potentially hazardous situation for the goats and the fences. Sheep on the other hand, generally don’t have horns and are much more respectful of fences (even electric fences that are turned off). Sheep will also eat almost everything that a goat will, and a few things goats won’t. It’s a win for you (no goats marauding in your begonias) and the same great weed control.